Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Lamb Chili ((Feb 2, 2010)

What a great night for a big bowl of Lamb Chili, especially since we're expecting some snow tonight.  In Ethan's magical way of just making ingredients come together, he just whipped this up on his own - no recipe for this chef!

Lamb Chili

My favorite chips

Did you just get that little tingle in the back of your throat?

What's chili without a little jicama?  Not that it necessarily goes with chili, but jicama is great, I could eat this with anything!  If you've never tried jicama, you really should give it a try.  Ethan usually just peels it and slices it in little strips.  Its especially good in the summer since it's so fresh and crunchy to just snack on.

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