Monday, February 8, 2010

Barley Dolmadakia (Feb 08, 2010)

We're on a bit of a health kick right now...or rather, I'm on a bit of a health kick, but I think this has been a fun little challenge for Ethan.  Coming up with healthy alternatives isn't easy and it generally doesn't taste as good, but Ethan is certainly making some pretty amazing and very tasty, healthy recipes!  As mentioned before, I just finished The Kind Diet book by Alicia Silverstone.  Not to worry, I'm not about to go vegan, but I am on a mission to loose some jiggle.

Here's what we ate for supper tonight:

Roasted cauliflower with curry spices and onion

Stuffed grape leaves with whole grain barley, pine nuts, currants, onion, garlic, and cilantro

 Inside the grape leaves

Recipe from The Splendid Grain
by Rebecca Wood

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  1. I ended up varying the recipe a bit. Among the substitutions was using a 14.5 oz can of stewed tomatoes in place of the 2 fresh tomatoes. When I make it again, I'll keep that change. It's easier, gives a bit more liquid to the recipe, and probably tastes better than the styrofoam-tasting fresh tomatoes that I'd end up using in mid-winter.