Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Salt-Baked Rutabaga (Feb 9, 2010)

We had leftovers from last night plus a salt-baked rutabaga. We had a salt-baked rutabaga the last time we went to Blue Hill at Stone Barns and LOVED it! I've been wanting to try salt-baking so I thought I'd try to replicate what we had.

I mixed salt, flour, fresh thyme, and water to a make a dough. I rolled it out and wrapped it around the rutabaga. 

Looks pretty, doesn't it?

Unfortunately it was gross--way too salty. I think the problem was that I used a wax-coated rutabaga. I had to peel off the rutabaga's skin along with the wax. I had noticed that Blue Hill had left the skin on their rutabaga--I think that kept the moisture in (so that it wouldn't dissolve the salt) and much of the salt out. 

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