Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Stir-fried Pork Belly & Kimchi (Monday Mar 15, 2010)

After our trip the to the H&Y Korean supermarket, we were all stocked up for making more Korean food.

I've been wanting to try making gingko nuts, so I made a simple ban chan of them:

I had read that they should be sauteed in a bit of oil until their shells crack. Crack is an understatement--I'd say, "explode like giant popcorn kernels." I'll have to figure out another method of making these. Or at least use a lid on the skillet.

Our other ban chan were napa cabbage kimchi, gim (seaweed sheets), and radish kimchi (which is my favorite kimchi):

The baby bok choy at H&Y were on sale ($0.99/lb) so I made a dish of them that is more Chinese than Korean. (In college I was a line cook in a Chinese restaurant):

Our main dish was stir-fried pork belly with onions and kimchi. I made a mixed-grain rice to go along with it. The rice included brown rice, white rice, wild rice, lentils, and a few other assorted grains. Bags of mixed-grain rice can be purchased at the Korean supermarket, but I just make my own. I'm pretty impressed with Korean cuisine that it maintains a whole grain tradition (even though white rice is much more commonly eaten).

As usual, we ate it all!

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