Thursday, March 25, 2010

Roasted Chicken (Sunday, March 21, 2010)

Roast Chicken is something I've been trying to "master" for several attempts now and I have to say that tonight was my favorite so far.  I finally got crispy skin and a golden color.  On all of my previous attempts, I've used fresh herbs inside and out and used olive oil.  I never quite got much flavor from the fresh herbs, but this time I used Montreal Steak Seasoning and melted butter.  I separated the skin from the meat like I read in other recipes, and rubbed the butter on top of the skin and underneath.   Since I used up the last of the butter (I think it was only a couple tablespoons), I rubbed a little bit of olive oil on the chicken as well.

This was a bigger chicken than my previous ones so I wasn't entirely sure about the timing.  I think it roasted for about 2 hours, maybe less.

Yay, montreal steak seasoning.  This was a spice my friend Sarah suggested we use on roasted potatoes - it's so good!

Kale with garlic

We also had wild rice, but I forgot to add that to my plate for this photo

It's Easter time and the season for chocolate eggs.  We bought a bag of Cadbury chocolate mini eggs last weekend and went through them in abou a day.  When we went to Target this morning we didn't see the Cadbury eggs so we bought Hersey's milk chocolate eggs instead.  Knowing that the chocolate eggs only come out once a year, we thought we'd stock up...

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