Sunday, March 21, 2010

Steak (Wednesday, March 17, 2010)

For dinner, Ethan picked up some food at Stew Leonards.  An interesting grocery store, that's not your typical market.  It takes you on one path that winds through the entire store.  You basically follow this path from beginning to end.  The produce here always looks so amazingly vibrant in color, it just makes you want to buy everything!  It was a treat to eat strawberries that not only smelled as strawberries should, but the flavor was heaven!  I'm definitely looking forward to the summer full of fresh fruit!
Very yummy grapes and strawberries...the strawberries were amazing!

Salad with grapefruit

Tomatoes and fresh mozzarella

Ciabatta Bread

Dry-Aged T-Bone Steak

For dessert, I picked up Magnolia's cupcakes at Grand Central...yes, they just opened up there and how convenient.  We can now have magnolia's cupcakes every night for dessert ; ) I bought  chocolate with chocolate frosting and red velvet. 


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  1. Stew Leonard's is pretty cool... It's kind of like a huge Trader Joe's only with better produce & meats. I have mixed feelings about the single path through the store, but it probably makes sense given the huge crowds that descend on the market during the weekends. Every time we checkout, however, I have to steel myself to the big photograph of Ronald Reagan shaking the store's founder's hand.