Thursday, March 11, 2010

Pork stir-fry (Mar 10, 2010)

I put together a Korean-style pork stir-fry to use up some of our leftover roast pork and potatoes. It came out pretty well. We also had ojingo (squidy treat) and gaji namul. 

In NYC supermarkets it is sometimes hard to find vegetables in good shape. I think it's because it is so expensive to pay for delivery that supermarkets stretch out the time between deliveries to the point that the vegetables start to rot. It can be pretty disgusting. I visited two supermarkets trying to find asian or italian eggplants (skinny eggplants) that looked decent, but no luck. So I had to use a standard large eggplant, which meant I had to remove it's thicker skin. The eggplant tasted okay, but it turns out the skin is pretty important to the dish--without them the eggplant pieces disintegrate into a bit of a slimy texture.

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