Sunday, June 6, 2010

Hallo Munich! (Thursday, June 3, 2010)

Our first day in Munich and we couldn’t have been more welcomed here by our friends Pyul and Oliver.  They moved here last July from New York and it was a great chance to see them and spend time in their new city.  If you think I like to eat, oh man, you haven’t met my friend Pyul.  This girl is about a tiny as my pinky and she can eat like two grown football players.  It brings me such joy to eat with her.  If I did this every day, I think my stomach would explode.

Here’s how the day looked:  We arrived in Munich and Pyul picked us up when we landed at 8am and we went straight to a restaurant for breakfast.  This place supposedly has amazing Mississippi Mud pie, but they didn’t have it ready for breakfast…darn!  Ethan and I ordered the two eggs, potatoes and bacon.  Pyul ordered french toast.  Pyul, if you’re reading this, I’ll need your help on the restaurant names.

We had dinner at a traditional Bavarian restaurant and had enormous amounts of food.  It’s white asparagus season right now so we had to order a side of this.  Not only is it gorgeous, it was so great with the hollandaise sauce and butter.

The pretzel was NOT just an average little pretzel.  It was so beautifully perfect - it was what you would hope a pretzel would taste like…THEN add this completely addictive mustard to each bite of your pretzel…what a great way to get you ready for the rest of your meal. We had a total feast – take a look:

Sweet Mustard

White Asparagus

Roasted Pork belly, and another part of the pork with bread dumplings

Gigantic Pork Ribs, uncooked pickled cabbage (tasted a lot like sauerkraut)

This is Pyul's dish of more roasted pork - different from my dish but I can't remember what cut of the meat she ordered.  

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