Friday, June 25, 2010

First Day in Florence (Tuesday, June 8, 2010)

Breakfast at the hotel in Venice:

We're taking the afternoon train from Venice to Florence today. Until then, we wandered the streets of Venice until it was time to go. We walked to the Rialto Bridge, then the outdoor produce and fish market. 

We arrived in Florence with enough time to check into our apartment and wander across the Ponte Vecchio and over to a restaurant Ethan used to go to (La Mangiatoia) when he lived in Florence.  While we were waiting for the restaurant to open we ran into a tiny little wine shop (La Buca Del Vino) that served wine bulk.  You can bring your own bottle (or buy a bottle there) and they'll fill it up.  It was the coolest place ever.  The woman working there let us try every type of wine she had and we bought two bottles for 6 euros - what a deal.

Here's our dinner:
Gnocchi with pesto

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