Saturday, June 19, 2010

Dinner at Broeding in Munich (Friday June 4, 2010)

Janet and I have lot's of catching up on our meals during our trip to Europe! For our second breakfast in Munich, our friend Pyul took us to Victorian House where we had scones, jam, and clotted cream. Yum!

A bit later in the day we stopped at a lovely beer garden for a pick-me-up beer. The pretzels were fine, but not nearly as good as the ones we had the night before.

After fortifying us with beer, Pyul took us to get currywurst. Her favorite currywurst place wasn't open, but this restaurant's offerings were fine by me!  The dish consists of chopped up frankfurters, fries, curry ketchup, a sprinkling of curry powder. We ordered another plate of it after finishing this one.

We stopped for a coffee and a sweet. I had some marzipan cookies and we each had a little white chocolate confection topped with candied rose petals.

And for dinner we had an amazing meal at Broeding. There's a nice write-up about the restaurant in the New York Times. There is a single choice each night, so whatever the chef is serving is what one orders (with an option of adding a cheese course).

Couscous salad with fish

Scallops with wonderfully buttery kohlrabi and an arugula salad 

Soup with sliced speck

Janet liked the tuna, even though she usually isn't a fan. 

Super-tasty lamb with white asparagus.

It was asparagus season in Bavaria and we saw huge mounds of it being sold on the street:

Back to the meal at Broeding:

Can't remember what this was, but it was sweet and came with melon. On the melon was strands of what looked like saffron, but I think it must've been something else because there wasn't a saffron taste.

Mascarpone mousse

I also had the cheese course... Whereas the preceding meal was amazing, the cheese was unremarkable. It was a slice of reasonably decent brie--I had been hoping for the cheese to be a revelation rather than something I can get at most American supermarkets.

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  1. When you opened with your "second breakfast in Munich", I immediately thought it was like the second breakfast that hobbits have: a first breakfast of this and that, and later a more ambitious second breakfast. :)