Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Roy Rogers along the New Jersey Turnpike (Friday, May 21, 2010)

Yuck! We were driving down to Baltimore for the weekend and we left NYC after work, around 6pm.  Surprisingly we didn't hit any traffic!

There is nothing along the way between NYC and Baltimore other than the nasty service stations along the NJ Turnpike.  If you know of a good place to stop for food along this route, please let me know!

We ate burgers at Roy Rogers.  When we saw the sign, Ethan thought that they might have good burgers so we pulled in.  As soon as he saw the Roy Rogers counter, he realized he was thinking of Carl's Jr....not Roy Rogers.  Oh well, now we know...

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  1. I'll be running this route myself soon. My family goes to MD/DE area via NJ and we always get off the highway and eat. I'm scared of the rest stops!