Thursday, April 8, 2010

Seoul Garden - Mom's 60th Birthday (Saturday, April 3, 2010)

Ethan and I drove to Ann Arbor for the weekend to celebrate my mother's 60th birthday - an eleven hour drive from Manhattan.  My brother Jason, flew in from Denver on Friday night and stayed until Tuesday morning.

We went out to dinner at a restaurant called Seoul Garden. It was a big crowd between my parents, grandparents, aunt & uncle, my cousin Beth and her two kids who flew in from San Francisco.  We've been here many times for family events and it's always pretty good...not NYC Korea-town good, but Ann Arbor good.  I ordered the Yook ge Jang (spicy beef broth, with shredded beef and mixed vegetables).  Ethan ordered the Soon du bu Jigae (soft tofu, and assorted seafood served in spicy broth).

A sample of the ban chan

Hae Mool Pa Jun (seafood and scallion pancake)

After dinner, Jason, Ethan and I stopped in a pub to watch the end of the MSU vs. Butler basketball game where I ordered some breadsticks...I guess I got hungry again.  

Right across the street there is a place called Cafe Luwak, that serves the Superman ice cream - my childhood favorite.  I only discovered this place because did an article on this and was amazed that this is so close to my parents house and I had never been here before.   

Superman Ice Cream

Heavenly good!  

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