Saturday, July 10, 2010

Tuscany (Friday, June 11, 2010)

We decided to cut our time in Florence a little short so we could spend a few extra nights in Tuscany.  The apartment we rented in Florence was a bit of a disappointment and between Venice and Florence, I still haven't been had much of an escape from city life so I'm so glad we escaped to Tuscany.  I was finally able to unwind.  Our friends Briana and Dhruv, who are living in London right now, met up with us in Tuscany.

By the time we got to the countryside it was their "siesta" time and all the restaurants were closed.  We drove for almost an hour in circles trying to follow signs for the grocery store but never found it.  Luckily, I'm a food hoarder and we has some decent snacks.

We stayed at the B&B called I Melograni.  The owners were so friendly and really helpful with directions and suggestions of things to do in the area.  Briana and her family rented the connecting villa a couple years ago and they remembered a B&B on the opposite end of the villa.  Maybe next time we can rent the villa. 

Dhruv and Janet - what a beautiful view behind us! I was particularly impressed with our choice of color.

Since Dhruv and Briana stayed here a couple years ago, Dhruv wanted to go back to a restaurant he remembered.  I think it was called "Grandpa's" in Turbone.  The food was so good we ate there the three nights we stayed in Tuscany.  The waiter was a lot of fun and didn't speak a word of English. These photos are a bit blurred since I took them after a bit of wine.

I believe this is the name of the restuarant

Pasta with boar meat

Gnocchi with butter  and basil

Osso Buco with the best tasting peas ever!


Cannellini Beans

Panna Cotta with berries

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